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Yoshitaka Waya
Yoshitaka Waya
Kanji 和谷義高
Rōmaji Waya Yoshitaka
Also known as Zelda
Gender Male
Birthday August 12th, 1985
Age 13 (debut), 16 (end)
Blood Group O
Sign Leo ♌♌
Occupation Go player
Affiliation Insei
Go Level 2 Dan
Rivals/Friends Hikaru Shindo
Shinichiro Isumi
Kosuke Ochi
Manga Debut Game 29 (as Zelda)
Game 31 (in person)
Anime Debut Episode 15 (as Zelda)

Episode 16 (in person)

Japanese Voice Actor Reiko Takagi
English Voice Actor Matthew Erickson
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Yoshitaka Waya (和谷義高, Waya Yoshitaka) is a 2 Dan Go Player, he was firstly an Insei who often plays Go on the Internet as Zelda (ゼルダ, Zeruda) and one of Hikaru's friends who later become a Pro with Hikaru.


Waya anime
In the anime

Waya has Brown Hair


Waya is known for his fiery and impulsive nature, often getting into heated confrontations and showing a protective streak towards his friends, especially Isumi. This was evident when he punched Mashiba in defense of Isumi. With a touch of immaturity, Waya is deeply committed to Go and harbors a strong dislike for Akira Toya due to his dismissive of opponents less skills then Akira.

In addition to his temperamental personality, Waya also has a disdain for school, finding it dull and tedious to spend hours in the classroom every day. He believes that once he becomes a professional Go player, he won't need to bother with attending high school, as many pros in school often skip classes for scheduled games.


He studies under 9-dan professional Morishita. Yoshitaka Waya took the Pro Exam three times and failed. The fourth time he began as an Insei he met Hikaru Shindo, who was about to take the Insei Test.


Internet Go Arc[]

Waya First appears where he plays against an opponent on the internet where Hikaru happens to witness it, when the player left the game after making a simple mistake and lost most stones. Waya made a reply on this and expressed frustration how his opponent gives up because he just loose some stone.

Waya later play against Sai on the Internet and resigns after see how strong Sai was. Later Hikaru sends a message to Waya of how strong Sai was, which annoys him and he sends a message asking him who he is and tells him that he is an Insei.

Waya Later took the Pro Exam while he was unable to Focus and kept thinking about Sai. He was later surprised to see Akira and learn that he was taking the Pro Exam. When Fukui asked Waya what wrong Waya mentioned about his game with Sai and believed he was Pro and also mentions the message he receives, though Akira points out that a Pro wouldn't say something immature, though Waya shouted at Akira to mind his own business.

Waya goes out of his way to find Sai in the amateur tournament, but to no avail. Though Waya believes that Sai is a child, Seiji Ogata says that he is the spirit of the legendary Go player Honinbo Shusaku. After Akira resigns from the deja vu match, Waya becomes irritated by this.

Insei Arc[]

Waya first walks past Hikaru and overheard him stated that he will beat Akira Toya. When Isumi noted that the Insei test was today, Waya stated that a girl just failed, Isumi then ask who current taking the test now, Waya answers a guy who is a year younger than him is currently taking the test, and has a feeling that he would pass.

As Hikaru prepares to play against Waya, the latter talks about Sai's Go matches online. However, Waya soon learns that Hikaru knew about his online conversation with Sai, and wonders if there is more to Hikaru than meets the eye.

Waya and Isumi decide to help Hikaru gain experience against adults to better prepare him for the final rounds. Hikaru, Waya, and Isumi form a team at a Go salon, in which the three will have their entrance fee waived if they can manage to tie a series of three games as a team. After playing and winning at another salon, the three go to a sushi bar to celebrate their victories.

Pro Exam Arc[]

During the pro exam, Waya distinguishes himself as a forerunner alongside Hikaru, Ochi, Isumi, and Honda. He is mostly undefeated, losing only to Adachi and Ochi. On the 26th day, Hikaru and Waya are to face off with only one match remaining after they finish. If Waya wins this match, he will become a pro. Waya puts Hikaru in a difficult situation, in which many of the latter's pieces die and he has a slim chance of winning the match. However, Hikaru is able to defeat Waya after thinking deeply and managing to make his groups connect and live.

On the final day, Waya is battling against Fukui, his Achilles heel. Waya manages to win and passes the pro exam with 3 losses, alongside Ochi and Hikaru.

Sai vs Meijin Arc[]

Waya spectates Sai and Toya's game of the century, amazed by their superb play.

Sai Disappearance Arc[]

Waya tries to get Hikaru to play Go again, but to no avail.

Return Arc[]

Waya and Hikaru's other friends celebrate his return.

Hokuto Cup Arc[]

Waya plays in the qualifying tournament to represent Japan in the Hokuto Cup, but is easily defeated by Ochi. He and Hikaru's other pro friends spectate the Hokuto Cup.


Waya is a very skilled Go player. Despite this he has an Achilles heel in Fukui.


Hikaru Shindo[]

Waya is friends with Hikaru and they have a brotherly relationship. They support each other in the pro exam.

Shinichiro Isumi[]

They have been friends for years and studied as insei together. Waya once punched Mashiba for insulting Isumi.

Kosuke Ochi[]

Waya dislikes Ochi for his snobby attitude, but they are cordial.

Yuta Fukui[]

Fukui is Waya's jinx, always beating Waya despite being a weaker player.

Games Played[]

Opponent Outcome
Unnamed Opponent Won
Sai Lose by Resign
Yuta Fukui Lose