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Yang Hai
Yang Hai
Kanji 楊海
Rōmaji Yang Hai
Gender Male
Age 27
Occupation Professional Go Player
Affiliation Chinese Go Assocition
Go Level 8 Dan
Rivals/Friends Shinichiro Isumi
Atsushi Kurata
Manga Debut Game 133
Japanese Voice Actor Kenichi Sakaguchi

Yang Hai (楊 海, Japanese: Yan Hai, Chinese Hanyu Pinyin: Yáng Hǎi) - Yang is a top Chinese professional Go player who hosts Isumi at his apartment. Yang can speak many languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English.


He has a rather spiky, black hair.


Yang Hai is shown be a friendly person and also like to learn languages and can speak Japanese, Korean and English.

He has also shown himself to like using under-handed as shown where he purposely told Isumi to go ten minutes ahead of schedule between a match with Isumi and Le Ping to throw Le Ping off in order to ensure Isumi's victory. However, that didn't work so well, because Isumi didn't like it and Yang Hai ended up upsetting Isumi.

However, Yang Hai is in fact very mature-minded and extremely keen on Go psychology and Help Isumi to learn how to control his emotions so he can play at his best.



Chinese Go Association Arc[]

Yang Hai first appear when during Isumi first day at the China Go Association Yang Hai offer Isumi to stay at his Room where there an empty bed so Isumi save up money though Isumi initially decline as he doesn't plan to stay here long but later decide to accept Yang Hai and choose to stay in China before the Pro Exam

Return Arc[]

Hokuto Cup Arc[]


It unknown how strong Yang Hai is but considering he is 8 Dan He must be a Strong Player


Shinichiro Isumi[]

Yoshitaka Waya[]

Yang Hai first met Waya at the Hokuto He was shocked how Waya strongly resemble Le Ping

Le Ping[]

Games Played[]