Volume 9
Hikaru no go vol 9
Kanji 本戦開始
Rōmaji Honsen Kaishi
Release date October 4, 2000
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-873022-6
Cover character(s) Hikaru Shindo
Suyong Hong
Volume 8 Volume 10

The Pro Test Begins (本戦開始, Honsen Kaishi) is the ninth volume of Hikaru no Go manga.


Game 70: "Training Is Fun!!"
Game 71: "You Mustn't Beat Him"
Game 72: "A Four-way Challenge"
Game 73: "Sheer Luck"
Game 74: "Suyong Hong"
Game 75: "There Can Be Only One"
Game 76: "My Name Is..."
Game 77: "The Pro Test Begins"
Game 78: "Winning Streak"


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