Volume 6
Hikaru no go vol 6
Kanji 院生試験
Rōmaji Insei Shiken
Release date April 4, 2000
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-872849-0
Cover character(s) Fujiwara-no-Sai
Volume 5 Volume 7

The Insei Exam (院生試験, Insei Shiken) is the sixth volume of Hikaru no Go manga series.


Game 44: "The Insei Exam"
Game 45: "Black Coffee"
Game 46: "Catalyst"
Game 47: "Yugen no Ma"
Game 48: "Oza vs. Akira - Part 1"
Game 49: "Oza vs. Akira - Part 2"
Game 50: "Oza vs. Akira - Part 3"
Game 51: "A Place to Return"
Special Bonus: "The Haze Middle School Actors present 'Assassination at Honnoji Temple'



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