Volume 15
Hikaru no go vol 15
Kanji さよなら
Rōmaji Sayonara
Release date December 24, 2001
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-873215-2
Cover character(s) Fujiwara-no-Sai
Volume 14 Volume 16

Goodbye (さよなら, Sayonara) is the fifteenth volume of Hikaru no Go manga.


Game 122: "Stupid Hikaru"
Game 123: "I Do Not Wish to Disappear!!!"
Game 124: "Goodbye"
Game 125: "Sai Disappears"
Game 126: "Searching for Sai"
Game 127: "Hiroshima's Top Go Player"
Game 128: "The Last Clue"
Game 129: "Come Back!"
Game 130: "I Will Stop Playing"


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