Volume 14
Hikaru no go vol 14
Kanji Sai vs Toya Koyo
Rōmaji Sai vs Toya Koyo
Release date October 4, 2001
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-873169-8
Cover character(s) Hikaru Shindou
Volume 13 Volume 15

Sai vs Toya Koyo is the fourteenth volume of Hikaru no Go manga.


Game 114: "Sai vs. Toya Koyo: Part III"
Game 115: "Sai vs. Toya Koyo: Part IV"
Game 116: "One Thousand Years"
Game 117: "Discovered"
Game 118: "Pursued"
Game 119: "A Test of Strength"
Game 120: "One-Color Go"
Game 121: "Toya Koyo Retires!"
Bonus Story: "Your Treat, Waya!"


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