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Toshinori Honda
Toshinori Honda
Kanji 本田敏則
Rōmaji Honda Toshinori
Gender Male
Age 16 (Debut)
18 (End)
Occupation Go player
Affiliation Japan
Go Level Good
Family Unnamed Parents
Rivals/Friends Kosuke Ochi
Hikaru Shindo
Manga Debut Game 56
Anime Debut Episode 26
Japanese Voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai
English Voice Actor Scott Logie

Toshinori Honda (本田敏則 Honda Toshinori) is a strong insei who almost makes the top three players in the professional exam. He eventually passes the Pro Exam along with Isumi and Kadowaki.


Toshinori Honda has brown hair and freckles. He also has a thick lips.




Insei Arc[]

Honda is an A-league insei.

Pro Exam Arc[]

He is one of the 5 forerunners for passing the pro exam alongside Hikaru, Ochi, Waya, and Isumi. On the 17th day, Hikaru has his third loss to Honda, who does not feel like it was a true win and feels that it could have gone either way. Honda also manages to beat Isumi.

On the 26th day, Honda has his 5th loss to Katagiri, meaning he has no chance of passing now. He breaks down emotionally afterwards.

Return Arc[]

The next year, Honda is able to pass the pro exam. Since Isumi and Kadowaki took all the victories, a frenetic scramble ensues for the 3rd spot and Honda barely passes with a miserable 6 losses.

Hokuto Cup Arc[]

Honda plays against Yashiro and is shocked when his opponent opens on the tengen. He later tries a similar tactic against Hikaru in the qualifying tournament but loses.


Honda's strength is high, as he was one of the 5 forerunners in the pro exam. He is able to make a decent comeback as shown during his game with Isumi in the Pro Exam.


Hikaru Shindo[]

Honda is impressed by Hikaru's skill.

Shinichiro Isumi[]

They are both insei who failed the pro exam and were emotionally devastated, but made comebacks the next year.