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Tetsuo Kaga
Kanji 加賀鉄男
Rōmaji Kaga Tetsuo
Gender Male
Birthday January 8th, 1985
Age 14 (debut)
Blood Group A
Sign Capricorn ♑♑
Occupation Student
Go player
Shogi player
Affiliation Haze Middle School
Go Level Good (amateur)
Rivals/Friends Kimihiro Tsutsui
Hikaru Shindo
Manga Debut Game 7
Anime Debut Episode 4
Japanese Voice Actor Kentaro Ito
English Voice Actor Andrew Toth

Tetsuo Kaga (加賀鉄男, Kaga Tetsuo) is the president of Haze Middle School shogi club.


Kaga anime
In the anime

Kaga has Crisom red hair


He is first seen as a disruptive teen until he invites Hikaru to be apart of the Go Club. This and later events shows how even though he is rather sarcastic he is a good person and protective of his friends.


As a child, Tetsuo was a very devoted Go player, mainly because of his father's pressure. He always lost to Akira Toya, so his father was never pleased. Akira further angers Kaga by losing a game on purpose out of pity. This not only led to him losing his father's attention but caused him to quit Go for Shogi.


Go Middle School Tournament Arc[]

He makes his first appearance at a festival, disrespectfully sticking gum on a Go board (a cigar in the manga). He rips up a book of Assorted Tsumego from Toya Mejin's Matches, remembering his past grudge with the Toyas. Hikaru is enraged and begins a game with Kaga. Sai begins an intense capturing race that spreads across the board, but Hikaru accidentally puts a stone in the wrong spot and allows Kaga to capture a very large group. Despite this, Sai's incredible skill nearly turns the game around, losing by only half a point. Impressed, Kaga drafts Hikaru and Tsutsui into the Go Middle School Tournament, representing Haze Middle School.

In the 1st round, Kaga easily defeats his opponent in only 10 minutes. He also wins in the 2nd round, but loses in the finals against Kaio's team captain. Although the team wins, they are disqualified because Hikaru is underage.

Insei Arc[]

Hikaru faces against Kimihiro, Kaga, and Yuki in simultaneous matches to determine if he is worthy enough to enroll as an insei and retire from the Go club. Both Kimihiro and Yuki are defeated, but Kaga has won his match, and he brags about being the best Go player in Haze Middle School.

Eventually Kaga graduates and wishes Hikaru good luck.

Side Story Arc[]

Hikaru hits a baseball which consequently damages Kaga's favorite teacup, so Kaga forces him to buy a new one.


Although Tetsuo played only a few games in the series he is apparently a very strong player even beating Hikaru (actually Sai). He is able to grasp his opponent's strength and moves fairly quickly.


Kimihiro Tsutsui[]

Although he destroyed Tsutsui's Go Stand at the festival the two seem to have a close relationship with each other.

Hikaru Shindo[]

He first meets Hikaru at a festival and finds out how strong Hikaru (again actually Sai) is. The two eventually become friends when Hikaru fakes being a middle schooler to be a part of Tsutsui's Go Club

Akira Toya[]

When Tetsuo played Go he considered Akira his rival and seems to have a passionate dislike for both Akira and his father.


  • Kaga's personality seems to be very similar to Waya, easy to anger, an extreme dislike of Akira and friends with Hikaru.