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Seiji Ogata
Kanji 緒方精次
Rōmaji Ogata Seiji
Gender Male
Birthday January 17th
Blood Group A
Sign Capricorn ♑
Occupation Go player
Affiliation Professionals
Go Level 9 Dan
Rivals/Friends Kuwabara Honinbou
Koyo Toya
Akira Toya
Manga Debut Game 3
Anime Debut Episode 2
Japanese Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara
English Voice Actor Michael Adamthwaite

Seiji Ogata (緒方精次, Ogata Seiji) is a Professional 9 Dan and a student of Koyo Toya, who later obtained the titles Judan and Gosei after Koyo Toya retired from Professional Go.


Ogata anime
In the anime

Ogata is a tall man with dirty blond hair. He wears glasses over his sharp brown eyes and is usually dressed in a white suit when playing. Sometimes he is seen smoking cigarettes at home. Altogether, he is in the very image of modern Japan - living hyper-modern yet playing a strategy game thousands of years old.


A fiercely focused man, Seiji has a tendency towards obsessing over things, especially whenever they do not make sense to him or he does not have all the facts, much to the distress of Shindou. He likes dissecting puzzles and often overthinks, which once cost him the Honinbo title.

Having been born in between the "great waves" of the Japanese Go world, Ogata is somewhat title-crazy, seeking to welcome the younger generation as title-holder. He thus has a heavy rivalry/war going with Kuwabara Honinbô about the latter's title, who refuses to give it up.


Not much is known of Ogata Seiji's history, but it should be noted that he entered the Go World in a time of relative calm, where people like Koyo Toya and Kuwabara dominated the field. Eventually, he became the student of Toya.


Beginning Arc[]

He first takes notice of Hikaru after he (Sai actually) solves a life or death problem instantly.

Internet Go Arc[]

Ogata takes notice of Sai's strength in internet Go and heads to an amateur tournament seeking answers. Though Waya believes that Sai is a child, Seiji Ogata says that he is the spirit of the legendary Go player Honinbō Shūsaku (which is technically true).

Insei Arc[]

In the Young Lion's Tournament, Ogata witnesses Hikaru make a blunder during a match against Shinichi Murakami, yet Shindo is able to turn the tables. Ogata tells Akira how Hikaru turned the mistake he had made to his advantage.

As Ogata prepares for the seventh and final match of the series with Kuwabara, the former mentions that a new wave of young professionals will soon arise. Ogata and Kuwabara begin their match, but once Ogata plays a sealed move he realizes he may not be able to pull out the win. His overthinking costs him the title.

Sai vs Meijin Arc[]

After finding about the Sai vs. Toya match, Ogata deduces that Toya must have already arranged this in person, as Toya requested the "no visitors" sign the day before. Ogata suspects that Hikaru has a connection to Sai.

Hikaru visits Toya at the hospital, but Ogata overhears their conversation and interrogates Hikaru if he knew Sai's identity. Toya manages to keep his arrangement a secret from both Akira and Ogata.

Ogata finally manages to win the Judan title from Toya.

Sai Disappearance Arc[]

Hikaru goes to a Go seminar, only to meet Ogata in a drunken stupor. Hikaru allows Sai to play Ogata.


Being the most senior student of Touya Meijin, Ogata is an accomplished professional of his own, as evidenced by his 9th Dan rank. His go has been described as spirited, analytical and inspired. He hates to lose, and will often fight until the bitter end.


Koyo Toya[]

He is the top student of Toya and has great respect for him.

Akira Toya[]

They are similar in their respect for Toya Meijin and obsession with Hikaru, but Ogata is dismissive of the boy's abilities.

Hikaru Shindo[]

He pays special attention to Hikaru, particularly during his rise as a pro.


He has a rivalry with Kuwabara over the Honinbo title.