Hikaru no Go (ヒカルの碁) has been published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump from December 1998 to July 2003 and has been collected into 23 bound volumes.

Sai Arc

Volume 1
Game 1: "Descent of the Go Master"

Game 2: "From a Level Beyond"
Game 3: "Matters of Life and Death"
Game 4: "Inexcusable Statement"
Game 5: "Akira Bares His Fangs"
Game 6: "A Decisive Blow"
Game 7: "Three Problems of Life and Death"

Hikaru no go vol 1
Volume 2
Game 8: "Want Me to Lose?"

Game 9: "First, Second, and Third"
Game 10: "Debut Match"
Game 11: "An Inkling of an Awakening"
Game 12: "Gem"
Game 13: "I'm Not Going to Play You"
Game 14: "Better Than The Best"
Game 15: "Mirror Go"
Game 16: "Conspiracy on a Rainy Day"

Hikaru no go vol 2
Volume 3
Game 17: "Leave the Go Club!"

Game 18: "If Only You Weren't Here"
Game 19: "¥1,000 a Game"
Game 20: "The Third Member"
Game 21: "A Very Despicable Act"
Game 22: "Honinbou Shuusaku"
Game 23: "Tsutsui's Concern"
Game 24: "Kaio's Third"
Game 25: "Preliminary Scrimmage"

Hikaru no go vol 3
Volume 4
Game 26: "You Play Him"

Game 27: "Third Face-off"
Game 28: "Divine Vision"
Game 29: "Zelda"
Game 30: "Sai"
Game 31: "Who is Sai?"
Game 32: "He Is Not Sai"
Game 33: "Akira"
Game 34: "A Memorable Game"

Hikaru no go vol 4
Volume 5
Game 35: "Sai vs. Akira"

Game 36: "Sai's True Identity"
Game 37: "Second Semester"
Game 38: "A Thousand Years of Selfishness"
Game 39: "I Want to Know How Strong You Are"
Game 40: "Start"
Game 41: "The Go Club Is Heating Up!"
Game 42: "Resolutions"
Game 43: "Yet Another Step Forward"

Hikaru no go vol 5
Volume 6
Game 44: "The Insei Exam"

Game 45: "Black Coffee"
Game 46: "Catalyst"
Game 47: "Yugen no Ma"
Game 48: "Oza vs. Akira - Part 1"
Game 49: "Oza vs. Akira - Part 2"
Game 50: "Oza vs. Akira - Part 3"
Game 51: "A Place to Return"

Hikaru no go vol 6
Volume 7
Game 52: "Two Study Groups"

Game 53: "Cause for Concern"
Game 54: "Tomorrow is Anyone's Game"
Game 55: "Welcome to A League"
Game 56: "Sai's Student"
Game 57: "And Then..."
Game 58: "The Young Lions Tournament"
Game 59: "Toya Looks Back"
Game 60: "The Pro Test Approaches!"

Hikaru no go vol 7
Volume 8
Game 61: "Kuwabara Hon'inbo"

Game 62: "A Chance to Play"
Game 63: "Look How Far I've Come"
Game 64: "Pro Test Prelims, Day One: The Man with the Beard"
Game 65: "Aim for Three Wins"
Game 66: "The Pro Test Preliminaries: Day Two"
Game 67: "The Pro Test Preliminaries: Day Three"
Game 68: "The Pro Test Preliminaries: Day Four... and Then..."
Game 69: "The Team"

Hikaru no go vol 8
Volume 9
Game 70: "Training Is Fun!!"

Game 71: "You Mustn't Beat Him"
Game 72: "A Four-way Challenge"
Game 73: "Sheer Luck"
Game 74: "Suyong Hong"
Game 75: "There Can Be Only One"
Game 76: "My Name Is..."
Game 77: "The Pro Test Begins"
Game 78: "Winning Streak"

Hikaru no go vol 9
Volume 10
Game 79: "Hikaru vs. Tsubaki"

Game 80: "A Stand-in"
Game 81: "An Important Game"
Game 82: "An Ill-Fated Moment"
Game 83: "The Elusive Win"
Game 84: "Waya vs. Ochi"
Game 85: "Lifeline"
Game 86: "You Never Know"
Game 87: "Who Played Black?"

Volume 10
Volume 11
Game 88: "First to Make the Grade"

Game 89: "Together Always"
Game 90: "Become One of Us"
Game 91: "I Resign"
Game 92: "Beat Shindo!"
Game 93: "The Final Match of the Pro Test"
Game 94: "A Fierce Battle"
Game 95: "The Second Player to Pass"
Game 96: "Finally!"

Hikaru no go vol 11
Volume 12
Game 97: "The Awaiting Pros"

Game 98: "The Shinshodan Series"
Game 99: "I'll Play"
Game 100: "Hikaru Takes His Time"
Game 101: "A Game Most Transparent"
Game 102: "Rematch"
Game 103: "Forgery"
Game 104: "Kurata 6-Dan"

Hikaru no go vol 12
Volume 13
Game 105: "First Professional Match"

Game 106: "Pressure"
Game 107: "Confession"
Game 108: "Alone Together in the Hospital Room"
Game 109: "Toya Koyo"
Game 110: "Mounting Excitement"
Game 111: "The Return of Sai"
Game 112: "Sai vs. Toya Koyo: Part I"
Game 113: "Sai vs. Toya Koyo: Part II"

Hikaru no go vol 13
Volume 14
Game 114: "Sai vs. Toya Koyo: Part III"

Game 115: "Sai vs. Toya Koyo: Part IV"
Game 116: "One Thousand Years"
Game 117: "Discovered"
Game 118: "Pursued"
Game 119: "A Test of Strength"
Game 120: "One-Color Go"
Game 121: "Toya Koyo Retires!"

Hikaru no go vol 14
Volume 15
Game 122: "Stupid Hikaru"

Game 123: "I Do Not Wish to Disappear!!!"
Game 124: "Goodbye"
Game 125: "Sai Disappears"
Game 126: "Searching for Sai"
Game 127: "Hiroshima's Top Go Player"
Game 128: "The Last Clue"
Game 129: "Come Back!"
Game 130: "I Will Stop Playing"

Hikaru no go vol 15
Volume 16
Game 131: "Chinese Go Institute"

Game 132: "Le Ping"
Game 133: "Isumi Tested"
Game 134: "Yang Hai's Advice"
Game 135: "Isumi vs. Le Ping"
Game 136: "Forfeit, Forfeit..."
Game 137: "The Final Tournament"
Game 138: "The Visitor"
Game 139: "From This Game"

Hikaru no go vol 16
Volume 17
Game 140: "Resolution"

Game 141: "First Return Game"
Game 142: "The Sprinting Two"
Game 143: "Go World Rumblings"
Game 144: "Finally This Day"
Game 145: "Hikaru vs. Akira"
Game 146: "Hikaru's Go"
Game 147: "Only I Know"
Game 148: "The Nostalgic Smile"

Hikaru no go vol 17


Volume 18
Sidestory 1: "Toya Akira"

Sidestory 2: "Kaga Tetsuo"
Sidestory 3: "Nase Asumi"
Sidestory 4: "Mitani Yuki"
Sidestory 5: "Kurata Atsushi"
Sidestory 6: "Fujiwara no Sai"

Hikaru no go vol 18

Hikaru Arc

Volume 19
Game 149: "The Strongest Beginner Dan Ever"

Game 150: "A New Stage
Game 151: "Me Too!
Game 152: "The Opponent is 7-Dan
Game 153: "One Step Forward!
Game 154: "The Arrival of Ueshima!
Game 155: "The Two That Don't Come
Game 156: "Hikaru vs. Kadowaki

Hikaru no go vol 19
Volume 20
Game 157: "Memories"

Game 158: "First Hand, Tengen"
Game 159: "Kansai Go Institute"
Game 160: "A Moment's Timidness"
Game 161: "The Young Lions"
Game 162: "Graduation"
Game 163: "The Members Will Be...?"
Game 164: "Yashiro vs. Hikaru"
Game 165: "Second Hand, Tengen"

Hikaru no go vol 20
Volume 21
Game 166: "Yashiro's Loss"

Game 167: "The Youngsters"
Game 168: "A Month Before The Hokuto Cup"
Game 169: "The Burden Of Expectations"
Game 170: "The Korean Go Association"
Game 171: "Proof Of Existence"
Game 172: "Toya's Home"
Game 173: "First Board Is Toya"
Game 174: "Hokuto Cup Gathering"

Hikaru no go vol 21
Volume 22
Game 175: "Suyon And Yongha"

Game 176: "Fighting Words"
Game 177: "Let Me Be First Board!"
Game 178: "China Vs Japan: part I"
Game 179: "China Vs Japan: part II"
Game 180: "China Vs Japan: part III"
Game 181: "China Vs Japan: part IV"
Game 182: "Defeat Ko Yongha"
Game 183: "Ko Yongha's Big Question"

Hikaru no go vol 22
Volume 23
Game 184: "Japan Vs Korea: part I"

Game 185: "Japan Vs Korea: part II"
Game 186: "Japan Vs Korea: part III"
Game 187: "Japan Vs Korea: part IV"
Game 188: "End Game"
Game 189: "I Call Out To You"
Extra Chapter 1: "Fujiwara no Sai Vs Toya Akira"
Extra Chapter 2: "Oka And Shoji"

Hikaru no go vol 23
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