Hikaru no Go Wiki
Kanji 桑原本因坊
Rōmaji Kuwabara
Gender Male
Occupation Professional Go Player
Go Level Honinbo
Rivals/Friends Seiji Ogata
Japanese Voice Actor Rokuro Naya
English Voice Actor French Tinker

Kuwabara Hon'inbo (桑原本因坊 Kuwabara Hon'inbō) - The current holder of the Hon'inbo title in Hikaru no Go.





His first appearance in the manga is Game 24 He First talks Koyo and asks about his Akira who isn't an insei He was surprised when Koyo told him that Akira had joined a middle school go club, and his final is in Game 170. In the manga, in his first defense, he defeats Seiji Ogata. Kuwabara resorts to a tactic of deliberately having the first move for the second day of each game but the last game of the title series. (The player with the first move of the second day must indicate the move on paper at the end of the first day.) During the final game, Kuwabara plays to have Ogata make the first move of the second day, therefore having to seal the move. Once the move is sealed, Kuwabara asks Ogata if he was sure that he (Ogata) has marked the move correctly. The moves are made to make Ogata nervous. The second (unseen) successful defense is against Atsushi Kurata. In the third (unseen) match, the readers learn his opponent is again to be Ogata. The best-known characteristic of Kuwabara is his 'sixth sense'. He picked up on Hikaru's' remarkable ability. There has been speculation that his character is based on Sakata Eio whose bald head and hairstyle were similar to those of the manga character, and who held the Honinbo title for several years. Another possibility is Fujisawa Shuko, who had no physical resemblance to the manga character but was likewise a senior strong player who won the Kisei title many times in a row.




  • Kuwabara shares his family name with Hon'inbo Shusaku; Shusaku's birth name was "Kuwahara Torajiro." Kuwabara's name means "mulberry field". According to Japanese legend, lightning avoids mulberry fields. "Kuwabara Kuwabara" is often stated by superstitious people who wish to avoid lightning bolts, since saying "Kuwabara" twice is supposed to ward off lightning.