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Koyo Toya
Kanji 塔矢行洋
Rōmaji Tōya Kōyō
Also known as Tōya Meijin
Gender Male
Birthday August 12 LEO ♌
Blood Group B
Sign Lion ♌
Occupation Go player
Affiliation Japan
China (after retirement)
Go Level 9 Dan
Family Akiko Toya (wife)
Akira Toya (son)
Rivals/Friends Fujiwara-no-Sai
Manga Debut Game 2
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Actor Eizo Tsuda
English Voice Actor Paul Dobson

Kōyō Tōya (塔矢 行洋, Tōya Kōyō), also known as Tōya Meijin, is a Professional Go Player and the Meijin, the husband of Akiko Toya and the father of Akira Toya who is a holder of multiple titles until retirement from Professional after facing against Fujiwara no Sai on the Internet.


Touya Meijin.png
In the anime

He is usually depicted in traditional Japanese dress and is older, his hair being gray throughout the entire series.


Koyo Toya's personality is depicted as very serious, both in his professional and private life though he is shown to have his moments of sweetness, especially with his son, Akira, whom he has great pride and affection for. His feeling for go is very similar to Sai as he stated that he will not stop playing go even after he retire as a Professional Go Player.


Much of Koyo Toya's History is unknown but he became a Professional the same time as Shigeo Morishita where Morishita develop a strong rivalry with Koyo He later teaches Seiji Ogata how to play go and became one of his students he later taught his son Akira how to play go and is a natural prodigy and Koyo forbid Akira from participate amateur tournament fearing that he will crush the spirit inspiring young go players


Beginning Arc

Go Middle School Tournament Arc

Insei Arc

Sai vs Meijin Arc

Return Arc

Hokuto Cup Arc


He is one of the world's top players and was stated by many to be able to match Hon'ninbo Shusaku. Koyo manage to earn more than five titles before his retirement



Koyo is Sai's rival, whom he recognizes and respects, despite not knowing his full identity.

Akira Toya

Akira is Koyo's son and they are depicted as having a very close and affectionate (for them) relationship. They played go every morning when Akira was a child and Kouyou encouraged Akira to grow as a go player.

Hikaru Shindo

Koyo met Hikaru when he was 11 years old and he piqued his interest both in the children go tournament and by supposedly beating Akira (though it was actually Sai). This interest continued when Hikaru became an Insei and later a pro and Kouyou even requested to play him for his shodan game.


  • The name Koyo means "line, row, verse" (行) (ko) and "ocean" (洋) (yo).
  • Koyo's surname Toya means "tower" (塔) (to) and "arrow" (矢) (ya).