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A go apprentice (院生, Insei) is a student learning to play Go at an institution, typically with the aim of becoming a professional player. In Japan, such a student is called an insei (literally, "institution student"). Institutions for insei include the Nihon Ki-in (Japanese Go Association) and the Kansai Ki-in (Kansai Go Association). The equivalent of Go insei in Korea is "Yeon'gusaeng" (Hangul: 연구생; Hanja: 硏究生), read "kenkyūsei" in Japanese and "yán jiū shēng" (also meaning "graduate student") in Chinese.



To become an insei the person must be at least strong to become one and the average player can not pass the test easily. Another thing is if a person wants to become insei, they have to quit their go club if they are part of one, since insei are not allow to play in amateur tournaments.

An Exam[]

To become a pro, all 27 insei play against each other round robin style in the Professional Exam.


The 3 insei with the best scores in the Professional Exam pass and become pros.


Class 1[]

Class 1 is the top class for the best insei.

Class 2[]

Class 2 is the lower tier.

List of Insei[]

During the series, many of known Insei became Professionals, such as Hikaru.


Name Class
Hikaru Shindo 2 (promoted), 1 (turned pro)
Akira Toya 1 (turned pro)
Tsujioka 1 (turned pro)
Mitsuru Mashiba 1 (turned pro)
Kosuke Ochi 1 (turned pro)
Yoshitaka Waya 1 (turned pro)
Shinichiro Isumi 1 (turned pro)
Toshinori Honda 1 (turned pro)
Toshiki Adachi 1
Eiji Komiya 1
Yuuta Fukui 1
Asumi Nase 1
Ryo Iijima 1 (quit)
Kaoru Kishimoto 2 (quit)


Name Class
Suyong Hong 1 (former)


Name Class
Le Ping 1 (former)