The Gosei (碁聖) is the smallest of the seven big titles in Japanese professional Go. The winner's prize is ¥7,770,000 currently, an amount that is now lagging significantly behind the other big titles. It is sponsored by IBM Japan and a consortium of newspapers. Nihon Ki-in professionals must be 5 dan or higher to participate, while lower ranked players from the Kansai Ki-in may compete.

The Gosei shares most of its structure with the other big titles in Japan - the winner of a preliminary tournament (in this case a single knockout tournament) plays a best of five match against the previous year's title holder.

Due to the importance of the Gosei as one of the "big seven" titles in Japan, there are several paths of automatic rank advancement through it in the Nihon Ki-in new promotion system (and practically the same in the Kansai Ki-in promotion system). Challenging for the title warrants a promotion to 7-dan, actually winning the title promotes to 8-dan, and finally winning the title twice gives an immediate 9-dan promotion.

Prior to the 37th term, competition in the Gosei was limited so that Nihon Ki-in players below 5 dan could not compete. At that time, Kansai players below 5 dan were allowed. As of the 37th term, any player may compete.