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A Nostalgic Smile
Kanji なつかしい笑顔
Rōmaji Natsukashī egao
Opening Get Over
Ending Bokura no Bouken
Episode 74 none →

A Nostalgic Smile (なつかしい笑顔 "That Same Old Smile" ) is the 75th and final episode of Hikaru no Go anime series. It serves as the series finale for the anime, though the manga's story continues further. After the anime's conclusion, a TV special called The Road To The Hokuto Cup aired, covering much of the final arc of the manga.


Sai appears to Hikaru in a dream, giving the latter his fan symbolically as a reminder of his presence within him. Though he will be in the starting point of his professional status, he strives to one day become one of the top Go professional players. Hikaru vows that someday, he and Sai will find the divine move together. The series ends with one final shot of Sai's Go board.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Manga and Anime Differences[]

Though the anime ends here, the manga continues with one final arc, the Hokuto Cup. Most of the last arc is told in the followup special, The Road To The Hokuto Cup.