I'm Not Going to Play You
Kanji お前とは打たない
Air Date 21 November 2001
Opening Get Over
Ending Bokura no Bouken
Episode 6 Episode 8

I'm Not Going to Play You "I Won't Play Against You" (お前とは打たない) is the 7th episode of Hikaru no Go anime series.


While Hikaru now attends Haze Middle School, Akira attends Kaio Middle School. Hikaru is trying to start a Go club in his school. Akira pays a visit to Hikaru, challenging him to a match. Hikaru declines the challenge. Akari decides to hang out with Hikaru in the Haze Go Club. Akira plays a match with Yun Sensei at the Kaio Go Club, in which having Hikaru's name mentioned reminds him of his motivation.

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