A Game of Beauty
Kanji 美しい一局
Air Date 14 November 2001
Opening Get Over
Ending Bokura no Bouken
Episode 5 Episode 7

A Game of Beauty ("The Beautiful Match" (美しい一局)) is the 6th episode of Hikaru no Go anime series.


Hikaru, Kimihiro, and Kaga make it all the way to the tournament finals, but little does Hikaru know that Akira is visiting the same school he attends. As though that is not enough pressure, they still must try and not get caught for having an ineligible player on their team. Sai does his best to assist Hikaru in his current game. Nonetheless, even after the three win the tournament, the Haze Go Club is eventually caught, forfeiting the trophy to the Kaio Go Club. 

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