Akira Bares His Fang
Kanji 牙をむくアキラ
Rōmaji Kiba o Muku Akira
Air Date October 24, 2001
Chapter(s) 4, 5, 6
Opening Get Over
Ending Bokura no Bouken
Episode 2 Episode 4

Akira Bares His Fangs (牙をむくアキラ, Kiba o Muku Akira) is the 3rd episode of Hikaru no Go anime series.


Akira confronts Hikaru and is insulted when Hikaru shows disrespect for the game. He challenges Hikaru to a rematch, and Sai notes that Akira is "baring his fangs." Sai must decide whether to go easy or crush Akira. In the end, Akira resigns from the match after realizing he has lost. Hikaru later encounters Toya Meijin, Akira's father, who challenges him to a match, allowing Hikaru to finally understand the intensity of Go.

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