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Atsushi Kurata
Kurata anime
Kanji 倉田厚
Rōmaji Kurata Atsushi
Gender Male
Age 21 (debut)
Occupation Go player
Affiliation Professionals
Go Level 7 Dan
Rivals/Friends Hikaru Shindo
Manga Debut Game 104
Anime Debut Episode 51
Japanese Voice Actor Mitsuo Iwata
English Voice Actor Alistair Abell

Atsushi Kurata (倉田 厚, Kurata Atsushi) is 7-dan professional Go player who recognized Hikaru Shindo's potential when he first met him at amateur go festival.


Atsushi appears chubby and often seen wearing a suit and tie. He has dark brown hair that is quite shaggy and his bangs reach his eyebrows.


Atsushi loves to give people his autograph and he has an extremely positive attitude which is seen when giving people his autographs he likes to write "eventually" or "going-to-be" in a happy manner. This is also seen when he rejected playing with Hikaru Shindo, although he later agrees when Hikaru tempts him by telling him he wants his autograph if he wins him. This is also seen as although he recognized and knows the strength of the newer generations of Go players, he did not feel depressed or anything negative. This could mean that he is very encouraging towards them and makes him feel that way as well.

He seems to be the kind of person who loves helping others as well, this has been seen a few times. The most obvious part is when he helped Hikaru to bring down fake goods and even trusted him when he told him that an important historical significant Go board is a fake.



Sai vs Meijin Arc[]

Kurata first meets Hikaru at a Go field event where Sai catches Gokiso selling overpriced Go boards. He believes Hikaru and sees potential in him.

Kurata later encounters Hikaru and decides to play him with an autograph on the line. When the two go to a Go salon, blacks stones are unavailable. Hikaru must learn how to play One Color Go. Although Kurata lost count of the moves due to over thinking, he makes a right move by luck and Hikaru resigns. Though Hikaru resigns from the match, Kurata gives him half his autograph as he recognizes Hikaru's strength.

Return Arc[]

Hokuto Cup Arc[]

He supervises Team Japan, which consists of Akira, Hikaru, and Yashiro. For the match against Korea he allows Hikaru to play 1st board for the very first time in the series.


Kurata is considered one of the best players of the young generation. He is interested in becoming obtaining a title, as stated in episode 51 of the anime. Particularly the Meijin title.


Hikaru Shindo[]

He seems to like Hikaru and sees potential in him.