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This is the Anime page for Hikaru no Go. Here are the list of episodes for the Anime series:

1 "Eternal Rivals"

"Eternal Rival"(永遠のライバル)

2 "The Key Point"

"Discovered Weakness!!"(見ぬかれた急所!!)

3 "Akira Bares His Fangs"

"Akira Bares His Fangs"(牙をむくアキラ)

4 "Kaga of the Shogi Club"

"Kaga of the Shogi Club"(将棋部の加賀)

5 "An Inkling of an Awakening"

"Prediction of an Awakening"(覚醒の予感)

6 "A Game of Beauty"

"The Beautiful Match"(美しい一局)

7 "I'm Not Going to Play You"

"I Won't Play Against You"(お前とは打たない)

8 "Rainy Day Strategy"

"The Scheme in the Rain"(雨の中の策略)

9 "Eyesore"

"An Irritating Guy!!"(目ざわりな奴!!)

10 "The Third Player"

"The Third Member"(3人目のメンバー)

11 "A Very Despicable Act"

"The Most Inconsiderate Act"(最毛卑劣な行為)

12 "No Cheating Allowed"

"You Are the Third Player"(三将はお前だ)

13 "A Personal Resolve"

"Various Decisions"(それぞれの決意)

14 "The Third Match"

"The Third Match"(三度目の対局)

15 "The Ghost in the Net"

"The Player Hiding in the Net"(ネットに潜む棋士)

16 "Who Is Sai?"

"Who Is Sai?"(sai はだれだ)

17 "Déjà Vu"

"The Match of Revelation"(追憶の一局)

18 "Akira vs. Sai"

"Akira vs. Sai"(アキラ対sai)

19 "Hikaru's True Strength"

"Hikaru's Strength"(ヒカルの実力)

20 "The Road to Turning Pro"

"The Road to Pro"(プロへの道)

21 "The Haze Middle School Go Club"

"The Haze Junior High Go Club"(葉瀬中囲碁部)

22 "The Insei Test"

"The Insei Examination"(院生試験)

23 "The Championship Room"

"The Room of Yuugen"(幽玄の間)

24 "Akira vs. The Oza"

"Ouza Vs. Akira"(王座vsアキラ)

25 "Fear and Impatience"

"Fear and Impatience"(恐れとあせりと)

26 "Welcome to the A-League"

"Welcome to Class 1"(ようこそ一組へ)

27 "A Place to Return"

"A Place You Want to Return Sometimes"(時々戻りたい場所)

28 "The Young Lion's Tournament"

"The Wakajishisen"(若獅子戦)

29 "Kuwabara Hon'inbo"

"Kuwabara Honinbou"(桑原本因坊)

30 "Ogata vs. The Hon'inbo"

"Ogata Vs. Honinbou"(绪方vs本因坊)

31 "The Awful Opponent"

"The Pro Exam Starts"(プロ試験開始)

32 "The Last Day of the Prelims"

"The Last Day of the Preliminaries"(予選最終日)

33 "We're A Team"

"Team Formed!"(チーム結成!)

34 "No Winning Allowed"

"You Mustn't Win"(勝ってはならない)

35 "Only One Can Win"

"There Is Only One Winner"(勝者はひとり)

36 "My Name Is..."

"My Name Is..."(オレの名は)

37 "The Pro Exam Begins"

"The Beginning of the Real Battle"(本戦開始)

38 "The Challengers"

"The Challengers"(挑戦者たち)

39 "An Ill-Fated Moment"

"The Demonic Moment"(魔の一瞬)

40 "Where Are The Victories?"

"Whereabouts of a Win"(白星の行方)

41 "Three Weeks isn't Enough!"

"Three Weeks Isn't Enough!"(三週では遅い!)

42 "The First to Pass"

"The First One To Pass"(一人目の合格者)

43 "Hikaru vs. Waya"

"Hikaru vs. Waya"(ヒカルvs和谷)

44 "Comeback From the Brink"

"Back to Life from Certain Death"(起死回生)

45 "Hikaru vs. Ochi"

"Hikaru Vs. Ochi"(ヒカルvs越智)

46 "The Final Day of the Pro Exam"

"The Final Day of the Pro Exam"(プロ試験最終日)

47 "Into The World Of the Pros"

"To The World of the Pros"(プロの世界へ)

48 "Sai Vs. Meijin"

"Sai vs. Meijin"(佐為vs名人)

49 "A Game of Desperate Measures"

"A Desperate Match"(捨て身の一局)

50 "Fujiwara-No-Sai"

"Fujiwara No Sai?"(藤原佐為?)

51 "Kurata 6-Dan"

"Kurata 6-dan"(倉田六段)

52 "Hikaru Vs. Akira"

"Hikaru Vs. Akira"(ヒカルvsアキラ)

53 "The Acknowledgment of Sai"

"The Confession of Sai"(sai の告白)

54 "The Excitement Mounts"

"Excited Heart"(たかぶる心)

55 "Sai Vs. Koyo Toya"

"Sai Vs. Toya Koyo"(sai VS toya koyo)

56 "After A Millennium Comes The Answer!"

"The Thousand Year Answer"(千年の答え)

57 "Let Me Play Sai!"

"Let Me Play Sai!"(saiと打たせろ)

58 "One-Color Go"

"One-Color Go"(一色碁)

59 "Koyo Toya Retires!"

"Toya Koyo Retires!"(塔矢行洋引退)

60 "Farewell Hikaru"

"Farewell Hikaru"(さよならヒカル)

61 "Is Sai Really Gone?"

"Sai is Gone?"(佐為ガ消えた?)

62 "Hiroshima's Top Player"

"The Strongest Player In Hiroshima"(広島最強棋士)

63 "I'm Never Gonna Play Again!"

"I Won't Play Anymore"(もう打たない)

64 "Keicho Flower Bowls"

"Keichou Flowerpots"(慶長の花器)

65 "Isumi no Go"

"Isumi no Go"(伊角の碁)

66 "Fateful Encounter"

"The Fated Encounter"(運命の出会い)

67 "Isumi's Test"

"Isumi Tested"(試される伊角)

68 "Losing By Default"

"Losing By Default"(不戦敗)

69 "A Determined Visitor"

"The Determined Visitor"(決意の訪問者)

70 "Sai Was Here"

"Sai Was Here..."(佐為ガいた...)

71 "Making A Comeback"

"The First Match After Coming Back"(復帰初戦)

72 "The Race is On"

"The Two Who Began To Run"(走りだした二人)

73 "Shindo vs. Toya" (進藤対塔矢)
74 "Inside You" (キミの中にいる)
75 "That Same Old Smile" (なつかしい笑顔)

There are 75 episodes in the Hiraku no Go Anime. There is a special OVA/Movie which came out in the New Years in 2004 known as The Road to The Hokuto Cup.