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Akari Fujisaki
Kanji 藤崎あかり
Rōmaji Fujisaki Akari
Gender Female
Birthday May 17, 1986
Age 12 (debut), 15(end)
Blood Group 0
Sign Taurus ♉
Occupation Student
Go player
Affiliation Japan
Haze Middle School
Go Level Poor
Family Mother
Rivals/Friends Hikaru Shindo
Masako Kaneko
Kumiko Tsuda
Yuuki Mitani
Kimihiro Tsutsui
Manga Debut Game 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Actor Yumi Kakazu
English Voice Actor Chantal Strand

Akari Fujisaki (藤崎 あかり, Fujisaki Akari) is Hikaru Shindo's childhood friend and a member of Haze Middle School Go Club.


Akari anime
In the anime

Akari has shoulder-length black hair that is usually tied up in pigtails with bangs hanging on either side and black eyes. In the anime, however, her hair is a dark rose color and her eyes are amber colored.


She is a very sweet, friendly, and outgoing girl.


She has been a childhood friend of Hikaru.


Beginning Arc[]

Akari first appears when she follows Hikaru Shindo to his Grandfather's attic to find something to sell after Hikaru's parents cut off his allowance after getting a Low score on his social studies test. Akari ran away when Hikaru was acting strangely but went back after hearing some noise and saw that Hikaru had collapsed.

Later at school Akari told the teacher that Hikaru has suddenly collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

Akari later joins Hikaru in a Go class and at the Haze Junior High Festival.

Middle School Tournament Arc[]

In the 2nd year, Akari joins the Go club and helps Hikaru to get the club started. She is saddened when Haze is completely crushed by Kaio.

Internet Go Arc[]

Insei Arc[]

Akari says goodbye to Hikaru when he quits the Go club to become an insei. Later as an insei Hikaru visits the Haze Go Club and plays a game with her.

Pro Exam Arc[]

She receives word of Hikaru turning professional, and wishes he would visit.

Sai vs Meijin Arc[]

Akari drops by and challenges Hikaru to a match, and Sai complies with just a 9 stone handicap as a means to calm his nerves.

Sai Disappearance Arc[]

Akari is concerned when a depressed Hikaru stops showing up for games or talking to his friends.

Return Arc[]

She is delighted when Hikaru makes a return to the world of Go.


Akari is a beginner at the start of the series, and later progresses to amateur level. She needs a 9 stone handicap against pros.


Hikaru Shindo[]

Akari is Hikaru's childhood friend who knows him pretty well, although she doesn't understand him as well as she'd like. She is strongly hinted to have romantic feelings for him. Hikaru is kind of an inspiration for her, shown e.g. when she noticed him working hard and decided to work hard as well.[1]

Masako Kaneko[]

They are both members of the Go club.

Kumiko Tsuda[]

She is Akari's friend and a Go club member.


  • The name Akari means "light" (あかり) in Hiragana.
    • However, when written in kanji (明里, 朱里 or 朱莉), it could possibly mean:
      • 明里 - "bright, light, clear" (明) (aka) and "village" (里) (ri).
      • 朱里 - "vermilion red" (朱) (aka) and "village" (里) (ri).
      • 朱莉 - "vermilion red" (朱) (aka) and "white jasmine" (莉) (ri).
  • Akari's surname Fujisaki means "wisteria" (藤) (fuji) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).



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